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How to Add Fixed Assets?

Tracking fixed assets is necessary for effective asset management, accurate financial reporting, and cost control. It enables businesses to optimise asset utilisation, comply with regulations, and make informed decisions regarding maintenance, replacements, and upgrades.

How to do it?

Select FIXED ASSETS from the menu bar

Click on the blue CREATE A FIXED ASSET button

Fill in all the expense information

After selecting the TYPE OF FIXED ASSET expense, enter additional information through gear icon
Depreciation period
Date of purchase
Date of entry into service
Value (excluding VAT)
Residual value

Save the expense created

If you want to keep fixed assets, you have to apply the CAP (Cumulative Accounting Principle) in the calculation of income and expenses from the moment of recording.

Fixed assets export can be done through list of expenses:

In the list of expenses choose export and select EXCEL format

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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