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How to Change the Due Date of an Invoice?

Changing the payment terms for an invoice may be necessary to provide flexibility to clients, improve cash flow management, and accommodate negotiations or agreements. It allows for tailoring payment schedules to individual circumstances and ensuring compliance with regulations when required.

How to do it?

I. Set a single payment deadline for all customers

Select SETTINGS from the menu bar

In the sidebar select INVOICES


If you want to use this method of setting the payment term, you must activate the "Use only the payment term set by the business type" setting

Payment term can be different for each invoice type

Confirm the settings by clicking SAVE CHANGES

II. Set an individual deadline for each customer

Select CLIENTS from the menu bar

Set the payment term by entering/adjusting the customer information. Save the change by clicking on the blue CREATE CLIENT button

When a new invoice is issued, the payment term will be applied by selecting the customer from the list

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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