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How to Create a Recurring Invoice?

Recurring invoices allow for efficient time-saving, ensuring accuracy, managing regular payments, and facilitating easier monitoring of invoice flow.

How to do it?

Open the INTEGRATIONS list

There are two ways to find integrations. Either in the Account Control Panel by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in the Account Settings by clicking on INTEGRATIONS

In integrations list find and install the RECURRING INVOICE AUTOMATION

In the left navigation bar, you will find RECURRING INVOICES. Click on it


Enter the desired period, frequency, start date, and time

The time specified is in the timezone of the system, so invoices will be sent 3 hours later during summer time, in winter time +2 hour difference in Lithuanian time.

To ensure that the invoices are not only created but also sent, activate the option Send generated invoices to the client

Fill in the remaining necessary data

CREATE the recurring invoice

You can adjust and manage the recurring invoice by expanding it

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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