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How To Change the Existing Invoice123 Plan?

You can switch to any plan that best suits your needs at any time. Here are a few examples of when it might be necessary:
If you have a Starter plan but require the ability to add more activities or employees.
If you have a Starter plan but have exceeded the monthly limits.
If you have a Business plan and do not need additional features for a certain period of time, etc.

How to change the plan?

You can purchase another plan that you prefer. The validity of your existing plan will be recalculated, and the remaining days will automatically be added to your new plan.
There is no need for manual adjustments. You simply need to purchase a new plan at least for one month, and the existing one will be recalculated. The extended duration will take effect after the purchase.

Here's an example:
Suppose you currently have a Business plan priced at €11.99/month (excluding VAT) with one month remaining, but you want to switch to a Starter plan priced at €3.30/month (excluding VAT). In this case, you would need to purchase the Starter plan for at least one month. The remaining balance from your Business plan (€11.99 excluding VAT) would convert to approximately an additional 3 months on the Starter plan: (€11.99/€3.30 (excluding VAT) ≈ 3.63 months).
Taking this into consideration, by purchasing a one-month Starter plan, your existing account would remain active with the Starter plan for more than 4 months.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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