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How to Make a Payment for the Selected Plan?

In case your current plan is ending or you want to upgrade to a new plan, follow simple steps how to make a payment for the selected plan.

How to do it?

Select Subscription plans

Choose one plan from the available options and select the plan duration. You can compare plans by clicking on Comparison of plans

Note that plan types may vary depending on the country of registration.

Choose the payment method

Make payments through Stripe, Neopay - they will be automatically credited, or via bank transfer - please note that crediting may take time due to different banks and manual processing.

Payment method STRIPE - added card will be charged automatically according to chosen period
When making payments, always pay attention to the payment details and follow them.

Select the company for which the plan is being purchased and the business type under which the invoice should be issued

Click on Select a plan, and you will be directed to the payment process

Extending the plan with STRIPE

When extending the plan and choosing payment by credit card, the remaining credit of the current plan is used when purchasing the plan

Remaining credit balance is not refundable - you can use it for future purchases.

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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