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How To Activate Invoice123's API?

APIs are digital bridges that facilitate seamless collaboration between applications. By connecting with Invoice123's API, streamline your invoicing processes with ease. It's the perfect integration solution for WooCommerce merchants, making billing simpler than ever.

How to do it?

Open the INTEGRATIONS list

Discover integrations in two ways on Invoice123. You can either navigate to the Account Control Panel (top right corner) and select the PUZZLE ICON, or explore the Account Settings and click on the INTEGRATIONS tab.

In the list of integrations, find and INSTALL the API integration

Once the integration is installed and active, API key can be created. Click on Generate your API key

Enter the requested data and create a key

To use an API key, you will need to include it in your programming code so that you can identify yourself as a legitimate user and gain access to the required resources. This is typically done through HTTP requests, where the API key is added as an authentication or authorisation header parameter. API documentation can be found here

Updated on: 28/12/2023

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