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How To Set Reminders for Overdue Invoices to Clients?

Reminding clients about overdue invoices helps in maintaining a steady cash flow, strengthening client relationships, and effectively managing the financial aspects of your business. Easily set reminders with this guide!

How to do this?

Open the list of INTEGRATIONS

You can find the modules in two ways. In the account management panel, by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in the account settings, by clicking on INTEGRATIONS

In the list of integrations, find the integration called INVOICE PAYMENT REMINDERS and INSTALL it

By selecting the setting SEND AUTOMATIC PERIODIC REMINDERS, reminders will be sent on the first day and then every 7 days

To assign text templates, you must have already created them in the TEXT TEMPLATES settings

Payment reminders are sent approx 15:00 h Lithuania time

After deactivating the automatic periodic reminders function, you can set the frequency of reminders according to your needs

Payment reminders can be sent before due date, same day, after due date

To save the changes, click on SAVE CHANGES button

You will find the list of sent reminders in the HISTORY OF EVENTS

Updated on: 21/06/2024

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