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How to Activate the Integration?

Connect with Invoice123 and manage invoice accounting, clients, and sales tracking even more easily. By establishing the integration, you can select the desired period for importing invoices, view detailed invoice information, and include client payments.

The module designed for Invoice123 allows you to synchronize both programs and automatically transfer invoices. Follow this guide to successfully perform the integration in just a few steps.

How to do it?

Open the list of INTEGRATIONS

You can find modules in two ways. In the account management panel, by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in account settings by clicking on INTEGRATIONS

In the list of integrations, find and INSTALL the VERSKIS.LT integration

Once the module is installed and active, you can enter the page URL and API key

The API key is provided by Contact the company responsible for

Enter the requested data in the settings



Invoices from will be imported automatically according to your chosen settings


Automatic import into the Invoice123 system will start immediately

Save the settings by clicking SAVE CHANGES

How to set up a series?

To ensure that the invoice series in the Invoice123 system matches the one specified in, follow these steps:
Create an invoice SERIAL AND REFERENCE NUMBER in the settings

In the module, select the desired SERIES from the list

Invoices from will be uploaded to Invoice123 with the selected serial and reference number

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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