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How to Import Bank Statements to Track Payment Status?

It's a fast way to set off payments. CSV format is supported when importing from SEB, Swedbank and Luminor, or XLS format when using Citadele.

How to do it?

Open the INTEGRATIONS list

There are two ways to find integrations. In the Account Control Panel (top right corner), by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in the Account Settings, by clicking on INTEGRATIONS

In the list of modules, find the BANK STATEMENT IMPORT integration and INSTALL it

Once module is installed, you can click on VIEW


You can access the function through invoice list

Upload the payment statement in CSV FORMAT and click on the NEXT STEP button

Verify the data and CONFIRM

How to discover payments faster?

The following types of searches are supported for overlaying bank statement imports with invoices:
by purpose of payment
by invoice series and number
by customer
by invoice amount
If the purpose of payment is not specified, we recommend searching for payment by customer name or total amount of service/product

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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