How to Install and Manage the Tags Integration?

Use tags to easily organize, identify, and sort information. Tags facilitate document search and management, improving work efficiency. With this guide, easily activate the module and adapt it to your needs.

How to do it?
Open the list of INTEGRATIONS

You can find modules in two ways. In the account management panel, by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in account settings by clicking on INTEGRATIONS.

In the list of integrations, find and INSTALL the TAGS integration

Click on ADD A TAG button

Enter the name of the tag, description if needed, select a color, and specify where the tag will be used. Save the changes

You can adjust tag settings by using the pencil icon or by expanding the tag row

How to assign tags to invoices and other documents?

Select the function for creating an invoice or another document, and at the top, below the dates, you will see the field TAGS

Few tags can be added to one document

Choose from existing tags or create a new one using the + icon

After creating an invoice or another document, you will see the tag in the document row, and you can edit it by expanding the row

If needed, you can filter data by tags

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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