How to Install the Invoice123 Shopify Plugin?

Shopify integration allows companies to streamline the invoicing process. The integration enables the automatic generation and sending of invoices to customers who have purchased goods from your online store.

This integration also reduces the likelihood of errors in invoices since all product and pricing data is transferred automatically, based on issued invoices. Additionally, using this module, you can easily monitor the status of your invoices and payments.

How to do it?

Plugin Installation on Shopify:
On the Shopify platform, go to the app store and search for the Invoice123 plugin (Sąskaita123), then install it

After installing the plugin, you will see it in the left navigation bar

Go to the Invoice123 system to activate the integration

Invoice123 - Installing the Shopify Integration:
Open the list of INTEGRATIONS

You can find modules in two ways. In the account management panel, by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in account settings by clicking on INTEGRATIONS.

In the list of integrations, find and INSTALL the SHOPIFY integration

Generate an API key

Enter the name, select the desired features, and click CREATE

Copy the API key and paste it into the ACCESS TOKEN field in the Shopify system

On the Shopify side, select your desired settings

Note: If you are a VAT payer, you need to create VAT types in the Sąskaita123 system so that you can link them on the Shopify side.

If you want the invoice to be automatically sent to the customer, you need to check the SEND EMAIL box

Purchasing and Invoicing through Shopify

After the customer completes a purchase and payment on the store, the invoice will be generated automatically.

Information about the invoice status can be seen in the order notes. Shopify order will have related invoice number in notes.
All invoices are automatically registered in the Invoice123 system
In the invoice notes, you will see the Shopify order number
If you have modified an order and need to update the already generated invoice, click on MORE ACTIONS and then INITIATE INVOICE CREATION

Generation of Proforma Invoices

When a customer selects to pay for an order by bank transfer, the system will generate a proforma invoice. It is necessary to link a series in the settings

After payment, the proforma invoice will automatically convert to a final invoice in the Invoice123 platform. Click MORE ACTIONS and INITIATE INVOICE CREATION

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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