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How to Issue and Download a Receipt?

Receipts are important documents used to confirm the receipt of payments or purchase transactions. These receipts have evidential value and provide the opportunity to verify that payments have been made and accepted. Additionally, receipts help ensure that individuals receiving them can properly record and account for received payments or completed purchases.

Types of receipts:

CIO - cash income order
CPR - cash payment receipt
CRR - cash register receipt

How to do it?

Issue an invoice
In the list of invoices, select the invoice you want to make a payment for and expand it


In the opened payment table, select the payment method PAID IN CASH OR BY CARD

Choose the receipt type

Fill in all the required details and click INCLUDE PAYMENT

After completing these steps, you can find the receipt in two places:

In the list of invoice payments, next to the added payment, you will find a printer icon

In the menu, expand INVOICES and select RECEIPTS

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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