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How to Select an Additional Currency for an Invoice?

Adding an additional currency to an invoice is necessary for international transactions, accommodating currency preferences, and complying with regulations. It enhances transparency, facilitates smoother transactions, and meets the diverse needs of clients in different regions.

How to do it?

Select SETTINGS from the menu bar

Select MEASURES & CURRENCIES in the sidebar


Activate the currency(s) from the list provided

You can delete the currency(s) by clicking on the trash can icon

Confirm the settings by clicking SAVE CHANGES

In the INVOICE CREATION window, select the currency you want to use

You can change the exchange rate by clicking on the LOCK ICON

The main currency in the system is EURO
Any other currencies you add will be ADDITIONAL

To make it even easier!

You can add the currency(s) on the invoice

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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