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How to Add a Direct Payment Link to an Invoice?

The direct payment button on the invoice helps customers make payments quickly and conveniently, increasing the efficiency of the payment process. It also reduces the risk of errors during payment. This functionality provides users with a simpler way to complete payments.

Montonio fees apply to payments

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Open the INTEGRATIONS list

You can find the modules in two ways: in the Account Management dashboard by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or in account settings by clicking on INTEGRATIONS

In the list of integrations, find the DIRECT PAYMENT INTEGRATION WITH MONTONIO and INSTALL it

Once the module is installed and active, enter the ACCESS KEY and SECRET KEY

Access and secret keys are obtained from the Montonio system.
Payments through Montonio will have a purpose, e.g., Payment for Invoice 1.

Click SAVE CHANGES. Upon successful connection, the status will be ENABLED

The payment link will be added in the notes section

By clicking on the link, the customer will be directed to the electronic payment page to complete the payment

Updated on: 28/12/2023

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