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How to add an employee?

Adding an employee to the Invoice123 account enables seamless collaboration among team members, allowing them to access and work with invoice-related data collectively. Additionally, assigning specific permissions and access levels ensures controlled information access and safeguards confidential data. The transparency and accountability fostered by this inclusion enable employees to monitor invoice status and payment history, promoting efficient and effective invoice management processes. Easily manage your team with Business!

How to set permissions?

To invite an employee to join a COMPANY/ACTIVITY, you first need to create rights for the new user.
Select PERMISSIONS from the menu bar

Click on the blue CREATE RIGHTS GROUP button

In the window that appears, tick the permissions that your new employee will be able to see and use

Once you have ticked all the items you want, save the permissions by clicking CREATE

Once the permissions have been created, you can invite the new employee to join the system.

How to invite an employee?

Select USERS from the menu bar

Click on the blue ADD USERS button

Select the permissions you have created from the list, enter your email address and invite the user to log in

The user will receive an invitation to his/her email, which will be valid for one week - this means that the user has 7 days to accept the invitation and create his/her password. After more than 7 days, the invitation has to be sent again.

After accepting the invitation, the user will create his/her own password and will log in to the system with his/her personal logins - the email address (which you entered when you invited the user) and the password he/she created. He/she will have the rights you have set.

This feature can only be used by users with a business plan

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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