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How to Activate Your Business Email for Sending Invoices to Clients?

SMTP authorisation is essential to ensure that customers receive invoices sent from your email address reliably and securely. This guide walks you through the process of activating SMTP for brand consistency. Follow these steps to ensure invoices are sent from your business email address.

How to configure SMTP settings?


There are two ways to access integrations: either through the Account Control Panel by selecting the PUZZLE ICON, or via the Account Settings by clicking on INTEGRATIONS.

Find and install the EMAIL SMTP CONFIGURATION integration

Modify the installed integration through SETTINGS

Enter the requested data

Server (host) - e.g.:
Port - a combination of numbers
Encryption - SSL, TLS and others
Login name - e.g.:
Password - your account password
Keep in mind that each server has unique SMTP settings. To obtain all the necessary information for configuring the system, we recommend contacting your email provider

Confirming the Settings by Clicking SAVE CHANGES

The Importance of Configuring SMTP Settings

By configuring your SMTP settings, you can send emails directly from your own address, such as
Through the configuration of SMTP settings, you can send emails without relying on the address.

Configuring SMTP Settings using the Internet Vision ( Service Provider

Enter the email address from which you want to send emails at

You can check the functionality of SMTP using the tool at:

Configuring SMTP Settings using Gmail

Configure the standard Gmail settings (hostname, port, etc.), which can be found here.
Depending on the type you choose, we recommend the following settings:
Server (host) -
Port - 465
Encryption - SSL
Login name - e.g.:
Password - Your account password.
When attempting to log in to your email address, you will receive a warning email from Google.

Click on the link and enable permission for Invoice123 to link to your SMTP server:

Managing App Passwords

If you use a two-step login and receive an incorrect password message, try using an app password instead.

How to do this?

Under GOOGLE LOGIN, choose Application passwords

If you don't see this option, it might be because:

Two-step verification is not set up on your account.
Two-step verification is only set up using security keys.
Your account is associated with work, school, or another organization.
Additional security measures are enabled.

Follow the instructions to enter the 16-character application password displayed in the yellow bar on your device.
Select DONE
In most cases, you only need to enter your app password once for each app or device, eliminating the need to remember it repeatedly.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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